According to Pamela Travers, who wrote What the Bee Knows (and Mary Poppins, and a raft of wonderful essays for Parabola magazine) the bee is one manifestation of the miracles that are everywhere in nature. “The natural is enough,” she writes. “Nature, if it is nature at all, has supernature up its sleeve…” Or, as Tibetan scripture would say, “This little body holdeth all.” (83, What the Bee Knows

I was in Alton, Ontario recently, when a bee hovering over the clover caught my attention. I took some pictures with my phone, and then I thought, “I’ll take a video.” Then I saw that I could put the video in slow motion, so I clicked. To my amazement, I not only saw the bee in slow motion, but I heard him in slow-motion!

Here he is, the little body that holdeth all. 

(The illustration is a self-portrait by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) another miraculous manifestation of nature.)

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