Here are some of them for you to enjoy and share.

I Carry You

At the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, I was inspired to write this song as a tribute to the people who are in the frontlines, and also the people who have passed on and have left us with an exemplary legacy. From my heart to yours.

Read more about this piece on the  “I Carry You” blog post.

Sir Viss

Sir Viss is a modern fable, written and told by Michelle Tocher, about a robot and his brilliant (but depraved) creator, a man named “Popeye” Irving. Popeye has designed the robot to be his servant, but when Popeye starts to tyrannize people, the robot has to make a choice about how best to serve his master. The 16 minute film has been masterfully illustrated by Richard Row, and directed, edited and produced by David Adkin.

Three Sir Viss video awards


“Sir Viss is an unexpected modern allegory. Michelle Tocher created and tells the story of Sir Viss through the spoken word accompanied by drawn colored pictures. The interesting presentation feels like a video audio “book.” What seems a simple story weaves complex themes of artificial intelligence, social conventions, social status, service, freedom, isolation, and loneliness. The story is so rich and Ms. Tocher’s interpretation so good, that it feels as though we are watching an animated film even though the images are still. Even after the short is finished, one keeps thinking about the story and the ramifications of Popeye’s creation.”

Beth Steele Radiseck

Special Programs Director, Cleveland International Film Festival

Soul Fish

Soul Fish is an award-winning fable about a puffer fish who leaves the “fish-eat-fish world” to go and find his soul. It’s ten minutes long, and designed for all ages.

Canada shorts AWARD OF COMMENDATION laurel - 500

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