Left brain is white
rabbit mind

always rushing
never on time.

I have spent too much
time on rushing.

You have to breathe
into your belly
to know the thoughts
that lodge in the

So close to home.

Some revolution is
underway. Left brain
rabbit-mind is on a
forced vacation. Taking
a leave of absence
from the job of
editor, self-critic
judge and jury.

Sometimes I
feel nothing
think no thoughts.

It’s a bit

Then, later,
a sudden rush of happiness
comes from who-knows-where

There are islands of
things to do
and between them
the deep blue sea
replaces worry.

In the sea-flow
natal organisms find their
natural conditions, seeking
equilibrium. All together
settled, life blossoms on the reef.
Poem by Michelle Tocher.
Illustration by Jeannie Harbour.

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