Oh my dear friends, what a crazy time we’re living in. It’s so full of contradictions! As we distance ourselves from one another we’re also coming home. As the pandemic threatens our airflow, the atmosphere is clearing. Birds can hear one another sing again. It’s an amazing time, and like you, I’m sure, I’ve been filled with dread and inspiration in equal measure.

But today I wanted to share something with you that came to me in a bolt of light. I woke up the other day with an old fairy tale stirring in me, the Grimm’s “Briar Rose.” A simple but profound story about a princess who is put to sleep by an angry fate.

It urgently wanted to be told, and though I’ve told this story for many years, it wanted to be seen in a new way. I had no idea what it wanted to show me. Fairy tales have this kind of life! So as soon as I could, I put on the recorder and launched into a telling.

Here it is, with all its surprises … glimpses into our times … and the heart-piercing, bright possibilities on other side.

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