Every now and then I hear about the flights that my little book “The Broad Mind” has been making around the world. The other day I received a note from Colleen Reichrath-Smith, a certified Global Career Development Facilitator who is working in the Netherlands. She had been introduced to my writings through the Canadian Career Development Foundation and she has a few of my books on her shelf that she says have been foundational to her work with clients.

The Broad Mind is a mythic story for all ages, illustrated by the fabulous Richard Row. It’s dear to my heart because it was my firstborn book and, in a sense, the premise for all the others. It’s about a little creature known as a “Broad Mind” who is trying to fit into a world run by giant children who use broad minds for their own purposes.

When I saw Colleen’s video reading I was so charmed that I asked her permission to share it with you. It’s always such a delight to hear the way a story is read, and to feel the storyteller’s connection with it. I asked Colleen to tell me a little more about what the story meant to her, and she said:

The Broad Mind speaks to me of many of my clients’ career journeys. Often they have ignored their natural strengths, talents and abilities to fulfil the expectations of others, and at some point, lost touch with what makes them them. The result can look like lack of engagement at work, burnout, depression, or a midlife crisis. I love the hope that is presented in the story and I believe that’s what career development helps people to find for themselves.

Today’s career counsellors need a lot of their own resilience to keep moving with the changes in our rapidly changing world. Colleen’s clients are navigating “across occupational boundaries, international borders and economic shifts” as they forge unique, meaningful paths for themselves. With the pandemic and humanity’s pressing need to protect the climate and the earth, our working lives are undergoing a radical review. What are we called to do that is meaningful? Where do we work and how? Career counsellors can inspire us to embrace the emerging opportunities, and to do that, well …

… they need very broad minds!

You can find out more about Colleen’s work at: www.cjscareers.com

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