Awakening the mythic imagination to renew our world from the inside out.

For many years I’ve been helping people to re-story their lives through the power of myth.


Imagine unlocking the secrets of your own life story, and discovering the hidden power of myth to transform your experience. As a master storyteller and author, I’ve spent my life helping people tap into the magic of their mythic imaginations.


From the inspiring stories of women who’ve overcome breast cancer through dragon boating, to chronicles of my own journey with chronic pain and fairy tales, my work has been hailed as “intellectually challenging, emotionally wrenching, and practice-changing.”


I also offer storytelling and writing courses that lead people to find truer, deeper reflections of themselves and their paths. To provide access to that guidance, I have also made several of those courses available online, on a platform called WonderLit Fairy Tales.



On this website, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources to spark your own mythic imagination. Whether you’re a writer, storyteller, or you’re simply looking for inspiration, I invite you to explore the “wonderlit” that awaits you!

Michelle has a rare talent for helping people to go beneath the surface and work with their stories. I consider the time I have worked with her to be a gift that has enriched my life.

 – Eleanor Nielsen, Founder, Dragons Abreast Toronto

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