Imagine that you’re walking in a snowy forest when you meet a dwarf.
What will the dwarf show you in the “mines of the heart”?

This little five-minute audio was improvised by me
and arranged by composer Wendalyn Bartley.

Our New Year’s gift to you!


Hi …. Oh hi … Hiya …. Hi…

(Be prepared for an extended welcome… apparently dwarves enjoy their greetings….!)

Come into the mines of the dwarves
and you’ll see your treasures
lost at the bottom of the well
of the heart

Come with me and you will see
what you lost
All the tears have turned to pearls
And all you’ve lost to gems
Yes, gems…

Pick them up and see
Sparkling sapphire of a lost dream
Yes, sparkling treasures of lost dreams
For dwarves, we know, you see
That nothing’s lost to you
That nothing is lost to you!

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