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 to see their realties in ways that are poetic and revelatory.


WonderLit Fairy Tales is an online creative writing experience that provides writers, storytellers, and reflective adults with a way to see their deep selves and situations through the mirror of a single, simple fairy tale. www.wonderlit.com.

The two WonderLit Fairy Tale programs are based on workshops that Michelle has offered since the early 1990s. They provide imaginative writing exercises and video guidance, along with illustrated examples of her own venture into “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

By exercising your own mythic imagination, you’ll discover how imagination can be a way of knowing. The programs guide us to safely examine the stories we tell ourselves and the societal narratives we acquire. Are these stories helpful or harmful? Michelle offers a way of working with a fairy tale that has a spell-breaking effect, providing a way to reclaim our essential values and beliefs.


Over many years Michelle has offered courses on her own and in collaboration with Storytelling Toronto. Most recently, she has created her own studio, The WonderLit Studio in Toronto out of which she holds workshops and events. To find out more about her courses, sign up to the WONDERLIT NEWSLETTER below.


Michelle is passionate about supporting writers who are developing their mythic imaginations to delve into the deeper layers of the stories they’re telling. As a writer and storyteller who has spent many years braiding inner and outer life, she is a champion of poets and memoir writers who are seeking ways to delve into the deep layers of their experience.

She has told many stories at storytelling festivals and events, including “The History of My Voice,” and “The Power of Spells”. Because of her mythic fluency and perspective, she a fascinating speaker who inspires hope and imagination in these cynical times.

WonderLit rocks! It is so much fun and multifaceted. The learning is applicable to where I have been, where I am now, and where I want to go. It’s been very interesting from the instructional design perspective to experience how Michelle Tocher, the course author, pegged so many of the things that learners are demanding these days—very personalized learning, total engagement, depth, relevance, and options…. I’m much more able, after taking the WonderLit course, to expand my viewpoint as a writer, fully developing my character…. I loved this course, and I’ve gained immeasurable strength and peace as well as empowerment on this magical journey back to my strongest self.

 – Jen Berghage, veteran Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus, Artist, Writer, and Beadweaver

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