so that they can experience their transformational power.


For those who are interested in doing my work in a private and self-directed context, I have created an online course called WonderLit at

Wonderlit is a guided course that takes you on a step-by-step journey through the fairy tale of your choice. With the support of videos and writing exercises, you are prompted to use your own imagination to experience the protagonist’s path of transformation. Throughout the course, you will see how the narrative translates to your own life and the real “spells” you are breaking.


Every spring, I also offer a course called “Threads” in collaboration with Storytelling Toronto.

Threads provides participants with an immersion in a selected fairy tale. We follow the “threads” of characters and events, and share our own material at the end of the course.


I also offer coaching and support to help people develop their own mythic writings, through Wonderlit or other means.

WonderLit rocks! It is so much fun and multifaceted. The learning is applicable to where I have been, where I am now, and where I want to go. It’s been very interesting from the instructional design perspective to experience how Michelle Tocher, the course author, pegged so many of the things that learners are demanding these days—very personalized learning, total engagement, depth, relevance, and options…. I’m much more able, after taking the WonderLit course, to expand my viewpoint as a writer, fully developing my character…. I loved this course, and I’ve gained immeasurable strength and peace as well as empowerment on this magical journey back to my strongest self.

 – Jen Berghage, veteran Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus, Artist, Writer, and Beadweaver

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