WonderLit is on the move! We’re in the process of moving the site to a new platform, which is going to mean better access for everyone, and potentially, some new WonderLit courses that you can take at your own pace.

One of the courses I’ve been wanting to offer for some time is a discussion about Spells and Enchantments in life and fairy tales. Fairy tales offer a perspective on how spells are made and broken in real life, and they get us thinking about the magic influence of our words.

To give you a sample of the Spells course, I’ve done a little audio introduction for you. It ends with an exercise to give you some food for thought. If you wish to share your insights or ideas with me, please do!

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted as we shift the WonderLit platform. Existing subscribers please note that nothing will change for you, and once the new site is up, you can take the leap whenever you wish.

(Image “Sir Galahad” by Arthur Hughes 1832-1915)

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