I’m an author and storyteller with a mythic perspective on the challenges of everyday life.

For over 25 years I’ve seen how myth and fairy tales have worked their magic …

Long ago, I discovered that mythic stories can transport us to marvelous places and return us with new understanding.

Over the years, I’ve examined the patterns of myth and have translated them to everyday life … to provide practical and spiritual support for people who are going through challenging times.

I’ve also experienced the healing magic of fairy tales in my own life, and I’ve had the privilege to witness the power of myth in the lives of others who are living with cancer and chronic illness.

Throughout my career, I have learned to deeply trust the power of the mythic imagination as a guide back to ourselves and our wholeness.

This website is a portal to my books, stories and talks, where you’ll encounter these ideas in a variety of ways.


Michelle has a rare talent for helping people to go beneath the surface and work with their stories. I consider the time I have worked with her to be a gift that has enriched my life.

 – Eleanor Nielsen, Founder, Dragons Abreast Toronto

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